Get Order Status

Use this endpoint to check the status of an order.

The GET /order endpoint has a rate limit of maximum 300 requests a minute.

Get Order Status


Check an inscription order status.

Query Parameters




Order ID returned by the /bulkorder endpoint

    status: 'ok', 
    paid: true, // order payment successfully received
    underpaid: true, // order is underpaid => user needs to complete the payment.
    expired: true, // order payment is not received in the allocated time,
    tx: {
        "commit": "edc...be9",
        "fees": 157840,
        "inscription": "dff...5i0",
        "reveal": "dff...0c5"
    }, // inscription data as returned by ord wallet
    sent: '4axxxdeadbeef', // order is inscribed and sent to the provided address

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