Receiving Payments

Creators and developers may earn bitcoin by selling their collections, referring others to the service or creating applications that utilize OrdinalsBot API.

Payout Frequency

Payouts are done every day at 00:00 UTC and is managed through a daily batch run for eligible creators.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for inclusion in the daily batch run, the total accumulated earnings must be at least 200k sats. These earnings can be a combination of the following:

• Mint Price

• Referral Earnings

• Additional Fees (by using additionalFee parameter when creating orders)

Please ensure that your combined earnings meet or exceed the 200k sats threshold to be included in the daily batch payment.

These minimums do not apply if you prefer to use a Lightning Address to receive payouts instantly over Lightning Network.

Checking Your Earnings

Note that since service fees are dynamic it may not be possible to forecast or list exact earnings in satoshis/bitcoin.

The number of created orders with a specific referral code and paid orders are tracked as inscriptions are completed by the platform.

• Last Payment: To view the details of the last payment made to you by visiting Referral Schemeand checking payments elements.

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