Instructions on how to use ordinalsbot.com API to generate inscription orders from anywhere, pay with Lightning or onchain Bitcoin and receive the inscriptions to the provided address.


OrdinalsBot Discord: https://discord.ordinalsbot.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ordinalsbot

API Info

API root is at: https://api.ordinalsbot.com

You can use https://api.ordinalsbot.com/status to check for API status and availability.

Note: The API root is currently in the process of being migrated to https://api.ordinalsbot.com - Please double check API root for a particular endpoint.

This service takes some files as input, inscribes them on the bitcoin blockchain as explained on https://docs.ordinals.com and sends the inscribed UTXO to the provided bitcoin address.

No guarantees are made on the quality or speed of the inscription.

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