Check for padding outputs

This endpoint helps you find out if the buyer's payment address has the necessary extra outputs, called "padding outputs" in their UTXO set. These extra outputs are used for setting up a buying transaction safely. They are part of a special security method called the 2-Dummy UTXO algorithm. This technique makes sure the Ordinal stays safe and isn't mixed up with other less important or dummy outputs. It also prevents the Ordinal from being mistakenly used up in transaction fees. The system follows common rules, creating a UTXO for the NFT at a specific starting point and setting aside 10,000 satoshis (sats) as postage. This careful approach keeps the transaction secure. This end point is to check if there are padding UTXOs available in the buyers UTXO set. If these are not then can be used to create padding outputs. More info on utxos:

POST Check for padding outputs

Check for padding outputs


API Key is required in the header:

headers: { 'x-api-key': '<YOUR_API_KEY>', ...otherHeaders }

Request Body




Buyer's payment wallet address. The buyer will need to pay the cost of the transaction from UTXOs belonging to this address.

    "paddingOutputsExist": true, // boolean, if padding outputs exist

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