Submit buy offer

This endpoint is designed for completing the purchase of an ordinal. Platform Cost: A platform fee is applied only when an ordinal is sold. It is not charged for listing an ordinal. The current fee is 1% of sale amount charged to the seller.

This requires the signed psbt from /create-offer end point. Which is a psbt signed by the buyer and base64 encoded. This returns a transaction id for the ordinal sale transaction.

POST Submit offer

Submit buy offer for a an odinal


API Key is required in the header:

headers: { 'x-api-key': '<YOUR_API_KEY>', ...otherHeaders }

Request Body




Id of the ordinal being purchased.



Signed psbt transaction in base64 encoding. This is the output of the creating an offer using /create-offer and singing it using the buyer's payment wallet

    "txId": "aa1c27........2767", // transaction id for the purchase transaction

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